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If something is wrong with your instrument, show Mr. Jacques the problem as soon as possible (at an appropriate time, of course). He might be able to fix it. If he cannot fix it, you need to get it repaired at your own expense. There are two local music stores with a reputation of quality and fair prices: Blue Note B's and Absolute Music.  You should expect to get good service from these stores.

MUSIC STORE RENTALS - If you are renting an instrument from a music store, including Play Your Own Music, check your contract to see if repairs are included with your rental. 

SCHOOL OWNED INSTRUMENTS - If you are borrowing a school owned instrument, you are responsible to pay for any repairs needed throughout the school year (or summer, if you are borrowing the instrument over the summer). If Mr. Jacques is not able to fix the instrument, you need to take the instrument to a repair shop and pay for the repairs. 

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