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Carson Middle School Concert Band

The concert band is where all incoming 6th graders will go if they played in 5th grade band.  The school year begins with a thorough review of all fundamentals.  Students will then perform a fall concert in October, a winter concert in December, a rated festival performance (typically in April), and a spring concert in May. Every year, students from this ensemble earn spots in Honor Band, Intermediate Band, and even Advanced Band.  The sky is the limit for these young people.


Required Materials

The following materials will be required of all band students during every rehearsal. Students should bring each of these items to class every day, unless instructed otherwise.

  • Instrument

  • Accessories

    • mouthpiece (brass)

    • minimum of 3 good reeds (clarinets, saxophones, and oboes only)

    • neck strap (saxophones)

    • valve/slide oil (brass)

    • slide cream and small water “squirt” bottle (trombones)

    • sticks/mallets (percussion)

  • The following method book

  • Music Folder

  • Pencil

  • Sheet music and handouts provided by Mr. Jacques


How You Can Help Your Child Learn:

  • Provide a quiet environment, music stand, and proper chair for your child to practice.

  • Schedule a consistent daily time for practice.

  • Remain nearby during practice times to encourage and support.

  • Praise your child’s efforts and achievements regularly.

  • Encourage your child to play for family and friends.

  • Try to provide tutoring by an accomplished musician.

  • Attend concerts and recitals with your child, encouraging them to experience a wide variety of music.

  • Engage your child in conversations about music.

  • Keep your child’s instrument in working condition.

  • Encourage you child to play many types of music, not just study material.

  • Help your child build a personal home library of recordings and sheet music.

  • Encourage your child to make at least a two-year commitment to band.

  • Show constant interest in your child’s progress and band activities.

  • Show support by attending band functions and concerts.

  • Talk with the band director on a regular basis about your child’s progress.

What To Do If Your Child Loses Interest:

Occasionally, students will become frustrated with progress on their instrument, especially when the “newness” ends. It is important to help your child through these situations.


  • Discuss the situation with your child to determine why their interest is declining.

  • Talk with your child’s band director to see what might be done to stimulate interest.

  • Encourage your child to continue for a specified length of time.

  • Offer increased enthusiasm and support.

  • Find new sources of inspiration such as live musical theater performances, different artist’s recordings and concerts that feature your child’s instrument

  • Attend band festivals, college band performances, community band and symphony orchestra concerts, allowing your child to project their possible future musical experiences.

  • Seek advice from parents of other band members.

  • Find an older student mentor for support and musical interaction.

  • Host a band party!

  • As a last resort, discuss the possibility of switching to another instrument or music class with Mr. Jacques.

CMS Concert Band May 2018: Valvelocity


2018: Superior Ratings

2017: Superior Ratings

2016: Superior Ratings

2015: Superior Ratings

2014: Superior Ratings

2013: Superior Rating                      Excellent Rating

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