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One-on-one instruction is extremely beneficial in enhancing your child's music education.  We have several local music educators who offer private lessons at very competitive rates.  When you take private lessons, you will:


•  Learn tricks to make playing easier and more fun

•  Gain a new adult mentor and friend

•  Leave the tough beginning stages faster

•  Enjoy more musical opportunities

•  Have more fun!


You may worry about the cost of lessons or how much time it takes to go to lessons and practice, but I promise you, the time and money you spend taking music lessons will be one of the best investments you (and your parents) will ever make.  We have several highly qualified music educators in town who would be happy to be your mentor and help you develop added passion towards playing a musical instrument.


Woodwinds and Brass:  Nick Jacques


Percussion: Jon Brill


Strings: Sue Jesch




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